About O n e Charge

The platform that drives the entire EV charging ecosystem.

To make it simpler to charge electric vehicles anywhere, the EV charging business OneCharge has been developing EV charging solutions. In Thailand, it all began. The business addresses EV infrastructure, one of the main barriers to widespread EV adoption.
"We want to fully digitize the EV ecosystem in order to address all of the current issues facing the sector and pave the way for a more open and adaptable future. By collaborating with hardware OEMs, we are able to provide additional capabilities out of the box, such as our recent innovation that lets operators select a percentage on top of the charging rate.

  • We are Greentech startup company

  • Our vision is to be Asia's largest charging network to make charging accessible to everyone.

  • Make it simpler for businesses to deploy EV chargers, for EV drivers to utilize them, and for utilities to manage EV charging throughout the entire grid.

  • The mission is to provide the best all-round technology solution for the entire EV charging cycle.

  • Creates software to power intelligent charging for electric vehicles. We simplify the refueling process for EV drivers, the deployment of smarter infrastructure by building owners, and the turnkey EV charging solutions offered by service providers in various country

  • We're building the future
  • ✓ We make EV charging easy, accessible and reliable.
    ✓ Brings installers, operators, service providers, EV drivers and businesses all-together.
    ✓ We value environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

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